Share your story for the people who will follow you.


That pile of rocks is called a cairn.

It's a landmark, a way point, an invitation to pause and take note of the journey. 

Such things and such moments are hugely important to the people who will follow either your directions or the clues you leave behind.

Building a cairn also forces the person blazing a trail to think about the destination to which, and route by which, they hope others will follow.

We help people build cairns and share stories for the people they love.

My team and I work with:

  • Prominent families on private memoirs & events.
  • The "up & out" looking for a new vision.
  • Corporate brands defining their positioning & culture.
  • Fatigued sales teams who need a fresh approach.
  • Leaders with inspirations to offer the world.
  • Nonprofit organizations crafting experience & messaging.
  • Demographic groups & nations expressing their chief exports.
  • Causes & leaders of scientific missions reaching the marketplace.